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Short but sweet. 

I liked your game and to make it in 4 days is really good. I liked the pixel effect a lot, it gave the location itself an eerie vibe. I think maybe more audio as you progress and some more clues to find out further info would be good, before the big reveal at the end. 

Keep up the great work!

Here's my video on it:

(Gameplay below but first a mini review)

This game isn't too bad, wish there were more details in the game as well as more things to experience.

Nothing that can't be fixed when/if the next game by the creator comes out :D

Boing Boing Boing 

This game is short, but good. Really enjoyed it!!!

This was a very interesting game i will say, i was spooked only because the music cut out every now and then. but i enjoyed it. and ik my commentary isn't great i'm working on things but i had fun with this game and that's all that matters! :)

this is games is 32 bits?

A really good game, short but good. It has amazing atmosfere, I really do suggest playing it. Here's my playthrough, hope you enjoy : )

Very clunky but I liked that haha I love the "monster"!

I just love the ending of this game! Nice little horror game!

This game is really interesting! It was nice getting to talk to you to discuss the background of the monster and your game. Can't wait to see what else you make! 


This game is awesome. It's quick, fun, gives me a sense of horror and ASMR. It's really an awesome combo. 

I have now words...

Pretty cool.

I like the colors, and the style, most of the game felt pretty drug out even for a short game, but understandably with the short development time, the monster was cool.  This is the first game in the video

This got really unsettling really quick lol great short experience! Well done! This was the second game in the video! 

I really like the atmosphere of the game but had some constructive criticism when it came to movement. Overall a solid little game that could be a little more fine tuned. Really liked the monster looked like Domokun a little bit. :D

Nice hops

Played this as part of a 2 part video! This game was the second in the video and was..interesting to say the least...that walking animation tho lol

Really loved this game. Decided to play and record at random which provided a new challenge.  Hope you do more! <3 


loved it, didn't expect the ending lol


This game was interesting. I'm still confused but I enjoyed it.


Not the sharpest player in the shed...

Played your game in an indie romp. Encountered a funny bug at the end you might just enjoy haha. Hope you like the video

your game starts at 6:15

This was pretty good! Loved the old school feel. A lot shorter than I thought, but it had a great atmosphere. Here's my playthrough:

I know I'm being eaten, but it looks like a potato taking a selfie. XD

Weird Little Game But I Enjoyed It!

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Short but fun. Liked the pixel art style of the game and also the domo kun like monster at the end. Keep on the good work!

For a game being made in just 4 days this game was really cool! 

I have many question

Some weird head bobbing but nice to see Domo eating my friends...

Good game

Good for how quick it was made. A couple of build up scares could be a nice touch.

Great for a short horror game, found a bug in your game where the monster or whatever it is, doesn't attack me but understandable since you just made this in 4 days. Hope to see more from you, and Hope you enjoy the New Year!

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thanks for the comment i fixed the bug

No problem and there were also a few other bugs but I'm pretty sure you fixed them as well in the Update.

short story for big moment

hope the next one be more fun!

Amazing game dev had alot of fun playing it :) i hope you enjoy my gameplay

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This is a short and great game to play if people are looking for some short horror games to play out there. However, I think the game can be improved by maybe adding some puzzles into the horror game like finding a way to enter the cabin to obtain notes and weapons etc. Moreover, longer gameplay time would be great too XD. 

Thank you for reading my comment. This is an amazing short horror game to play :).

Like this type of games thanks for you efforts for making this :)